Saturday, January 14, 2012

Friday the 13th Review

Yesterday was Friday the 13th. My luck is horrifcally unlucky on this day. In other words, It is where fate dumps all the terrible things on me.

First, when I woke up, my hair was a mess. Since my hair was longer than usual, my hair didn't mess up in the morning. But for some reason, science took action and messed my hair. (My hair was fine after excess usage of water, though.) Next, in Math, my group won this game and won each other a Starburst candy. At least that came out well. The day goes through and in American Cultures, my audio file on my flash drive disappeares right before my eyes, which I had to do a Voice Thread, but there was no sound to it. So I recorded it today. It turns out there was no sound to that, I got to not do the Voice Thread because I ran out of time, but I still received full points because I still had my script done. Walking to 6th period, as I close my locker, I somehow skinned my middle finger. In result, I bled rapidly, so I went to the nurse's office. 7th period then since it was a a half day because it was the end of the quarter, my mom took me to Friendly's to have lunch. But before that, we went to ToysRUs. I unwillingly went there because my mom had to buy a birthday card. I took advantage of this by buying a Magic Innistrad deck. Then I got a haircut. Thank God my haircut came out good. After that, at 1:10 we went to a pretzel store that gives free pretzels... until 1:00pm was. We were 10 minutes late. No free pretzels on this miserable day... So what was left was eating Friendly's. Thankfully, nothing went wrong here. As the day passed, surprisingly, nothing went wrong. What a day!

Ok, now you are hopefully done with reading my dreaded day, I would like to announce that Heroic Pyromancer has reached 8000 VIEWS. I can assure, once the big 10,000 hits, I will definitely throw something beyond the stars..!

I was kidding about the beyond the stars part... Nonetheless, just wait and see!

In turns out that there are a total of three Friday the 13th's this year, January, April, and July. These Friday the 13th's are exactly 13 weeks apart o.O Interestingly enough, these months are my three quarter birthday, my birthday, and my quarter birthday months. But my birthday is not on the 13, thankfully (whew) I'm now somewhat terrified of what I am up against, considering that I have to re-live this day two more times in this year. I might as well skip school just because of this phenomenon. I remember two years ago, August Friday the 13th, that I almost got my palm along the thumb got cut. Because the sink, where the water comes out had this jutted out point shredded my palm along the thumb, but not entirely. But at least I was the first to notice and notify this to my parents to prevent others being in my position. Did you know, that that day was on a wedding day I had to go to?

Well, um, how was your Friday the 13th?

Shelby Rose: Titanium rose to the top to get a rose.

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  1. I love Friday the 13th ^_^
    I said "Happy Friday the 13th!" to everyone I saw yesterday. They all looked at me weird except for three of my friends. It seems that I have bad luck on every day except the 13th. But I don't give in to the superstitions like black cats and stepping on cracks, let alone that a coincidental date can be unlucky. I just like the day because everyone around me freaks out, and I'm not the reason for once.

  2. For my Friday the 13th, I was stuck in the hospital with a BP cuff, ECG, and a gajillion doctors. Also, from the stress, my heart was beating insane fast, and I was in pain from the IV.
    By the way, I tripped on a crack on the way in. :P

  3. Hmm... My Friday the 13th was low key; did you know that in Chinese culture Fridays and the number 13 are lucky so the fact that we have three this year is very lucky.

  4. You skinned your finger? Ow, that had to hurt. Also, I didn't know you knew Friendly in real life!

    Oh, and responding to what you commented on my post, it's not MY Magma Man. I just saw someone with one and I took a picture.

  5. @Victoria
    Very funny -_-...XD

    o_o... Glad you're ok now.

    @Aaron Starheart
    Very interesting....

    I didn't go to Friendly's house for lunch. I do not know Friendly irl. This is because there is a restaurent called "Friendly's". You're a bit confused lol. And I must need that Magma Man pet...


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