Thursday, July 21, 2011

Kelsey Fireheart, Scarab/Beetle Convention, and Wizard Drawing-Sierra Moondust

      VERY sorry for not posting that frequent. I am very busy at the moment. So please accept my delay of posts! Ok, so, I was talking to Diana Wildheart couple days ago, and I ported to her. Kelsey Fireheart,, was there! I met her before, but I couldn't get the chance to friend her last time. A convention was going on, but what kind of convention? A scarab/beetle convention. No dung beetles, though.

Lets's see a Life Scarab, Fire Beetle, a Rain Beetle, a Death Scarab, and a Storm Beetle. Quite unique. We discussed about when the Ice Beetle will be available to all players and then missing badges on page 20 and 21 in the badge list, besides pvp and derby. Kelsey and I are very good pyro-friends. Oh and by the way, beetle has horns on back, whereas the scarab doesn't.

While I was there, I saw these two Black Panther mounts! You can get them either by beckett or KI Freegames. I just never seen them two at the same time. Pretty epic if you ask me.
After that, I went to Vanessa Emeraldglade's house.

She wants it to make it to the top of the MFP tower. A million boxes not included.

Yeah, I am floating on air above water with an audience. Also
So, here is the drawing wizard Sierra Moondust.
I hope you like the drawing, Sierra! Sierra is such a good friend! If we would have never met on our first Waterworks run, I would have no idea why I would be here. Check out her blog, I will pick up the pace for drawing wizards from now on, just please try not to distract me, okay? I guess that's it for today's post. You're alive that's good, you don't want to be dead. Again, sorry for not posting, I hope you understand. Oh and btw, 25 post and 25 followers! Thank you guys!

Shelby Rose: Pigeon Addition, Koala Balloon!

See you in the Spiral!-Thunderblade


  1. Cool! pet posts always are my favorite XD! scarab/beetles are awesome but my favorite type of pets are dogs, heckhound, ice hound, danger hound, storm hound, you name it! i always think those are the cutest! cool post talon!

  2. Awesome! I love the drawing Talon! Very nice...

    I remember the first day we met in the Waterworks. It was a great day (even after I messed up the clams).

    Sierra :)


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